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Whirly Bird Films LLC is an aerial cinematography company specializing in film, commercials and documentary aerial photography.  Using state-of-the-art Electric UAV Industrial Drone Technology with our Patent Pending Vibra-Free Tri-Axis Camera Mount (TACM), we are capable of shooting crisp, smooth footage from digital or film cameras up to twenty pounds with our Cinema Flyer 3C.   Whirly Bird Films Specializes In: - Live HD Broadcast capabilities. - 25lbs. of camera plus equipment. - 35mm Film Cameras, HD, 3D, and more. - Flight speeds up to 80mph. - RC Rental Fleet of helicopters and airplanes of all sizes. - RC Aircraft Modifications for all types. - Close-Range Aerial Filming for action, car chases, stunts, POV, landscapes and still photography.   We have more than fifteen years of professional aerial camera stabilization experience, including RC Aircraft Design and Manufacturing.  Our RC-UAV Operators are also licensed, full-size helicopter pilots with FAA Safety Compliance Training.