Justin Chapman
Designer/Builder of the Cinema Flyer 3C
Co-Founder of Whirly Bird Films; Chief Pilot

Justin Chapman started flying RC helicopters at the age of 12 and made an immediate impression throughout the RC Industry as a rising star.  On the contest circuit, he quickly became known as “The Young Sensation.”

At age 14, Chapman began working for VARIO, USA, the leading manufacturer of RC helicopters, where he learned how to design and build RC helicopters and mastered their underlying mechanics. Chapman became a commercial pilot, FAA licensed to fly full-size helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and jets.

In 2003, Chapman worked with the U.S. Navy and Roadable Aircraft Inc. as a consultant for RAI on a UAV  VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing Vehicle) Ducted Fan Project under a 3 year Co-Operative Research and Development Agreement at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in Point Mugu, California.

Chapman has won more than 50 RC helicopter contests.  In 2007, he beat the current RCX F3C World Champion, taking 1st place at the F3C World Competition.

Chapman has served as the Chief Pilot on numerous feature films, commercials and television projects, including: Race to Witch Mountain starring Dwayne Johnson, Bud Light Chopper, Honda, Old Dogs staring Robin Williams and John Travolta, Tech TV, Core, A&E, Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, Special Ops Mission mini-series for Discovery Military channel, Good Luck Charlie for Disney, Jackass 3D with Johnny Knoxville and Carroll Shelby’s prototype 650hp Super Snake.

In 2008, Chapman partnered with Wink Roberts to create Whirly Bird Films.  Together, they developed and built the high-tech, high-speed camera ship known as The Cinema Flyer 3C.

Wink Roberts
Co-Developer of the Cinema Flyer 3C
Co-Founder of Whirly Bird Films; Chief RC Camera Mount Operator

Having spent most of his life either in front of the camera or behind it, Wink Roberts brings a unique vision to action photography.  In 2008, Roberts combined his talents in business management with his passions for extreme sports, performing stunts, action writing, and RC helicopters.  He joined forces with Justin Chapman to create Whirly Bird Films with one mission in mind:  to design a new platform to get shots that would leave audiences asking, “How’d they do that?!”

Roberts is a seasoned professional in television, feature films and advertising.  He starred in more than 140 commercials and co-starred with Jacqueline
Bisset in The First Time.  He starred in the cult horror classic The Day it Came to Earth with Rita Wilson as well as numerous TV shows including Dragnet, Adam 12 and The Smith Family with Henry Fonda.

Roberts was Program Director and Team Captain for the world-renowned “Pepsi Skateboard Team” which performed at schools and special events around the world.  Roberts was the only skater in the world to complete a 360 helicopter over a parked car.

Roberts worked as a Stuntman on Warner Brother’s  Police Academy series 1 through 6, doubling Bobcat Golthwait and three other members of the cast.  As a writer, Roberts created the box office hit Ski Patrol starring Ray Walston, Martin Mull and George Lopez.  He later wrote Marabunta, a horror film with killer ants for FOX Television starring Mitch Pileggi from the X Files series and an action re-write for Universal Studios’ Cop and a Half, starring Burt Reynolds.

Roberts has served as Chief RC Camera Mount Operator on numerous projects including the Special Ops Mission mini-series for Discovery Military channel, and Carroll Shelby’s prototype 650hp Super Snake.