Cinema Flyer 3C
Born from the Hollywood Film Industry and advanced UAV aerospace technology, Whirly Bird Film’s Cinema Flyer 3C was conceived in every detail to help you innovate new filming techniques and signature shots. Thanks to Cinema Flyer 3C’s speed, reliability and acrobatic capabilities, you can accomplish dynamic shots and a POV look never seen before.

Custom manufactured from the ground up, Whirly Bird Film’s Cinema Flyer 3C is the safest and most time efficient Aerial Filming System in the film industry today.

Whirly Bird Film’s Cinema Flyer 3C:


  • climbs from just a few feet off the ground to 400 feet in seconds,
  • is flown by the RC Drone Pilot who positions the helicopter precisely where required,
  • can stay airborne from 8 to 45 minutes at a time, depending on the weight of camera payloads,
  • can fly all professional camera packages from 3D, HD, 35mm film cameras and more…
  • and can be operated from any type of chase vehicle, car or boat.

Vibra-Free Tri-Axis Camera Mount (TACM)

Whirly Bird Films has designed and built the first patent pending Vibra-Free, gyro stabilized tri-axis camera mount engagement system (TACM).  TACM was designed as the focus of the dedicated Cinema Flyer 3C to be the safest and time saving Aerial Filming system in the Industry today. The TACM is the first unmanned aerial filming system in the world that provides 3-axis pan, tilt and roll with gyro-stabilization in all 3 axis making up to 1000 corrections per second.

The Vibra-Free Tri-Axis Camera Mount allows the camera operator to have complete control with pan, tilt and roll, seeing the camera’s view during critical action coverage.  The operator can adjust all levels of stabilization for each servo action and can also adjust the camera head servo sensitivities for greater camera control on the fly.


  • The 3-axis gyro stabilized camera mount allows for a full range of camera movement
  • Camera can be tilted 120 degrees allowing space for tilt controllability
  • In a hover the camera head has 360 degrees of pan
  • In forward flight up to 80 mph the camera head can be panned up to 240 degrees
  • Roll has 360 degrees of movement to keep the horizon level in turns and banks
  • The camera head can hold 45 degrees of roll to frame a shot
  • Preston Cinema systems can be added for focus, zoom and camera start/stop

Downlink and Ground Control Station
Video downlink transmitters are used from the Cinema Flyer 3C to a ground control station (video village) .  A staff  RF Tech over sees this operation which gives the Camera Operator vision from the camera in flight.

  •  Real time wireless video.  
  •  Can receive and transmit live HD broadcasts.  
  •  Over one mile range.

Green Technology
The Cinema Flyer 3C is an all electric powered zero-emissions (GREEN) UAV Drone.  This makes the Cinema Flyer 3C ecologically friendly, clean, unobtrusive and quiet for indoor and outdoor filming.

Innovation and Safety
Our pilot, Justin Chapman, is an FAA certified, full-size helicopter, jet and fixed wing aircraft pilot with over fifteen years RC experience.

All shoots operate under Movie Manual.

Whirly Bird Films requires safety meetings with cast and crew prior to flight. Topics include: Crowd safety, Animal safety and Stunt player safety.
Safety meetings also include: Flight patterns, Take off and landing procedures and a Restricted zone for take off and landing.