Questions and Answers

How high can you fly?
We can fly 400 ft above ground level without a government contract and FAA COA approval.

What is the maximum wind speed in which you can fly?
For best performance and picture, under 12 mph.  But we can fly in winds up to 20 m.p.h..

Can anyone operate the UAV?
No.  Our operators are FAA licensed Pilots and are trained in all aspects of flight safety and pre-flight preparation, local codes, restrictions and notification of local airspace coordinators.

What emissions or pollutions are emitted during flight?
Zero emissions and no pollution.  Our proprietary industrial drones are all electric green machines.

How much room do you need to take off and land?
Approximately 15 feet around the helicopter.

How do you capture footage of long car chase shots?
We fly the helicopter from a chase car or boat.

Do you have insurance?
Yes.  Call for more information and copy.

What is the Cinema Flyer 3C’s payload?
30 lbs of Camera and accessories.

Can you fly at night?

How does Whirly Bird Films address safety issues?
Our pilot, Justin Chapman, is an FAA certified, full-size helicopter, jet and fixed wing aircraft pilot with over fifteen years RC experience.

All shoots operate under Movie Manual.

Whirly Bird Films requires safety meetings with cast and crew prior to flight. Topics include: Crowd safety, Animal safety and Stunt player safety.
Safety meetings also include: Flight patterns, Take off and landing procedures and a Restricted zone for take off and landing.